How Our Friends At CHIRS Are Handling COVID-19

The Community Head Injury Resource Services of Toronto (CHIRS) is a registered not-for-profit charitable organization that provides a broad range of supports to individuals suffering from an Acquired Brain Injury. The current COVID-19 situation has made the normal operation and care of these patients more challenging than ever. The CHIRS management team has been working very long hours, but have been effective in quickly enabling staff to work remotely with the necessary tools to be productive and help those that need it most.

CHIRS has taken on the task of supporting 50 vulnerable clients that are part of their Day Program by providing them with meals and supplies such as toilet paper, paper towel, etc. Though they have received some food donations, more food and supplies will be needed. The clients of CHIRS thrive because of the enriched routines they have. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has changed the way programs are being run, but CHIRS has managed to adapt quickly to the new world.

Staff have been helping their clients adjust to these new routines and cope with being in isolation, while also dealing with their anxiety in facing the possibility of comprising their own health. CHIRS recognizes that limiting contact is crucial to ensuring safety, but also presents a new set of challenges for coverage and scheduling. Staff were also provided full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Thankfully, CHIRS planned ahead to ensure they had all the PPE and supplies they need.

The CHIRS team has been doing a marvelous job during these challenging times. There are so many vulnerable individuals out there; COVID-19 presents a difficult situation for all of them. We are proud and thankful of the amazing support that CHIRS has been displaying.

If you would like to show your support for CHIRS and aid them in their efforts to deal with the COVID-19 situation, please click the button.