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    We Provide Non Resident Indians the Legal Assistance They Need

    Are you facing a legal problem in India? Don’t worry. Now you have a solution to every legal problem you face in India while you stay here in Canada.

    Meet our experienced Indian lawyers who can consult and guide you with your legal needs in India right from the comfort of your own home.

    We can guide you through any family dispute, property dispute, or disputes relating to wills and probates. Additionally, we can also help you with succession certificates, landlord-tenant issues, adoptions, criminal trials, and much more.

    We offer legal assistance in English, Hindi, and Punjabi.




    Our Indian Lawyers in Toronto Can Assist You in Indian Law Matters, Including but Not Limited To:

    • Property and estate management
    • Recovery claims
    • Claims of adverse possession
    • Injunctions for civil wrongs
    • Declarations of title and legal status
    • Landlord-tenant property disputes in India
    • Contracts relating to sale, transfer, gift, mortgage, lease, etc.
    • Family matters like Indian marriages, Indian divorce in Canada, custody, adopting a child from India to Canada, guardianship, etc.
    • Criminal trials and bail matters
    • Quashing of criminal cases and First Information Reports (FIR)
    • Quashing orders of proclaimed offenders and Look Out Notices (LOC)
    • Complaints relating to cheque dishonor
    • Accident claim compensations
    • Banking and tax laws including tax refund claims by filing tax returns
    • Formation of religious and charitable trusts and societies
    • Domestic violence cases
    • Claims regarding property rights
    • Wills, probates, and succession certificates
    • Partition of properties

    We can assist with all these services directly from Canada. We have over 24 years of combined experience as Indian law specialists.

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    Our family is dedicated to helping people dealing with international law, personal injury, family law and commercial law. If you have any legal issues you require assistance with overseas, let us help.


    Estate Management for Non Resident Indians

    • When you need a title check performed
    • If you need advice on mortgages and their redemptions
    • When you require a valuation of properties
    • If you need to obtain a Non-Encumbrance Certificate
    • When you need to know how to evict a tenant in India or need to hand an eviction notice to a tenant in India
    • If you need mutations relating to inheritance, sale, exchange, etc.
    • When you need a transfer of funds from India to Canada, realized on the sale of moveable and immoveable properties in India after settling claims of capital gains and tax deductions
    • If you need a general or special Power of Attorney
    • When you need an Indian will and assistance in obtaining probates in India
    • If you need to obtain succession certificates

    Commercial Laws for Non Resident Indians

    We are also able to advise and guide corporate businesses if you are a:

    • Partnership firm
    • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
    • Private Limited Company
    • Public Limited Company
    • Non Banking Financial Corporation

    Why Choose De Rose India-Law?

    At De Rose, our Indian lawyers in Toronto have over 24 years of combined experience. Our Indian law team can ensure complete assistance directly from Canada to give you peace of mind. Not many law firms in Ontario have this type of experience or are licensed with the Law Society of Ontario in dealing with the Indian justice system or Indian law. Choose us, a licensed law firm, able to offer this service in Ontario.

    Here’s why we’re the right choice to handle your Indian law needs:

    • We pursue and fight for your justice
    • Speedy remedies to your legal problems
    • Innate understanding of the Indian justice system
    • We communicate with overseas Indians with ease and convenience
    • We remove the hassle of commuting to India

    Meet Our Dedicated Team


    Chief Executive Officer

    CEO of De Rose Lawyers, Dominic is the visionary behind the concept of delivering justice to non resident Indians settled in Canada. Removing the hassle of travelling between continents, he understands the emotional distress and agony involved in offenders meddling with individuals’ rights thousands of miles from home. Also leading ITAL-LAW, our Italian law division, Dominic has carefully assembled esteemed Indian lawyers Harminder Syal and Dimple Aggarwal to reliably serve Toronto’s South Asian community. Each day, it’s Dominic’s mission to use his corporate charisma to successfully address the needs of those engulfed in legal traps laid by their adversaries.

    Please contact Dominic at dderose@deroselaw.ca or call 416-780-8080 to find out more about our Indian lawyers in Toronto.


    Advocate and Risk Manager

    Holding over two decades of law, finance, and management experience, Harminder is a highly skilled professional renowned for solving a variety of Indian law issues. Successfully handling estate management, taxation, banking laws, and injury claims, he also takes care of civil law, criminal law, family law, succession, and probates in India. Having served a large Indian diaspora across both Europe and North America, Harminder has been an arbitrator and has had hands-on experience in the field of arbitration. He has represented various matters before the top environmental court of India. Innately familiar with legal problems being faced by overseas Indians, he’s also held Bar of advocates roles as Secretary, Vice President, and President. Each day, it’s Harminder’s mission to help clients solve their legal issues in India with his strong legal acumen and unmatched dedication.

    Please contact Harminder at hsyal@deroselaw.ca or call 416-780-8080 if you have any questions regarding legal matters for non resident Indians.


    Advocate and Foreign Legal Consultant

    With 24 years of experience in Indian law litigation, Dimple is a seasoned and well-versed multilingual orator who can guide you through any legal matter you may have in India. Previously holding Bar of Advocates as General Secretary, Finance Secretary, and Vice President, her legal fraternity repute helps clients achieve their goals before courts, tribunals, and public authorities. Highly experienced in handling civil law, criminal law, family and adoption law, ancestry matters, wills, and probates, her confidence and practical approach set her apart. Each day, it’s Dimple’s mission to help clients reach justice with strong conviction and empathy.

    Please contact Dimple at daggarwal@deroselaw.ca or call 416-780-8080 if you have any questions regarding Indian law matters

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