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Looking for a Lawyer with Experience in Italian Law?

If you have a problem in Italy that requires assistance or legal advice, we can help. Legal problems are delicate, don’t improvise or do it yourself. Our legal team can ensure complete and constant assistance, managing the entire file directly from Canada.

We offer legal assistance in both English and Italian.




Our Italian Lawyers At De Rose Law Can Assist You In Italian Law Matters Relating To Civil Issues, Including But Not Limited To:

  • Land Disputes And Italian Property Law
  • Debt Collections
  • Italian Family Law And Divorce Law
  • Labour Law
  • Italian Pension Funds And Rights
  • Reimbursement Of Italian Bonds
  • Wills, Estates And Italian Inheritance Law
  • Power Of Attorney As They Relate To Italian Law
  • Italian Citizenship Law, Passports And Residence
  • Intellectual Property Such As Trademarks,
  • Patents, And Licensing
  • Italian Traffic Laws
  • Italian Tax Law
  • Commercial Law

We can perform all of these services directly from Canada. We have over twenty years of experience as Italian Law specialists. Our network of Italian and European professionals collaborate with us every day

Our Italian Law Lawyers can represent you in any dispute or litigation in Italy or Europe.

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Our family is dedicated to helping people dealing with international law, personal injury, family law and commercial law. If you have any legal issues you require assistance with overseas, let us help.


  • If you are a beneficiary of an inheritance in Italy
  • If you have been appointed executor or trustee of a Canadian will and there are Italian properties or beneficiaries
  • If you need an Italian Power of Attorney, Affidavits or Succession Declaration
  • If you want to manage your Italian property or asset
  • If you need an Italian Will for property in an Italian territory
  • And many more!

In addition, if you want to develop your business in Italy or in Europe, we can assist you in all phases and steps you need to follow. We can help you choose the proper incorporation – from the choice of the registered office to assistance in the operational phase. We can have prepared Italian and International contracts, the management of boards of directors and the approving of financial statements, etc.

Why Choose De Rose Lawyers?

At De Rose Lawyers, we have over 20 years of experience with a network of Italian and European professionals who collaborate with us every day. Our legal team can ensure complete assistance directly from Canada to give you peace of mind. Not many law firms in Ontario have this type of experience dealing with the Italian legal system or Italian Law. At this time we are one of the only law firms able to offer this service in Ontario, let alone Canada. We are the right choice to handle your international and Italy based legal needs.


Nicola is our foreign legal specialist heading our ITAL-LAW division. With over 20 years’ experience practicing Italian law in Ontario, Nicola can assist you with any legal matters you may have in Italy or across Europe. He has various legal publications and has taught many advanced training courses for lawyers everywhere. We can assist you with all of these services directly from Canada, making it very convenient and cost effective.

Please contact Nicola at or call 416-780-8080 if you have any questions regarding foreign matters.

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De Rose Lawyers Testimonials

“I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Nicola Marinelli and Joe Sicilia. I was very frustrated looking for a lawyer to handle my Power of Attorney which I needed because of the purchase of real estate I was to make in Italy. At first I had chosen a lawyer close to home who agreed to do it but after two weeks, he told me he was unable to do it. This was my dream retirement home and I really needed the job to be done promptly. When I called, I first spoke to Joe Sicilia who was very understanding and did not hesitate to tell me that DeRose Law could help me out. I was thrilled because it meant I was closer to buying my dream home in Italy. I was also very impressed with Nicola Marinelli. Not only was he incredibly experienced in his field, but was also very kind, personable and explained things thoroughly. He had caught something that the lawyer in Italy had written which could have been detrimental to me in the future. Thank you DeRose Law for the great professionalism of Nicola Marinelli and Joe Sicilia. They were very patient with me and understood that I needed to have the job done quickly. They took care of everything including sending the document to the Consulate and then to Italy. Thank you once again. I not only recommend them, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact DeRose Law in the future.”

– Carmela Cusma