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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Have Your Loved Ones Been The Victim of Abuse or Negligence?

Family members place their trust and confidence in a nursing home to care for an elderly relative. Unfortunately, some nursing homes place profits far higher than the needs and rights of their residents. Understaffed facilities, inadequate training, a lack of safety protocols and not enough specialist equipment are all factors threatening elders’ wellbeing. It’s always worth remembering that residents have rights too.

With health and mobility difficulties making elders especially vulnerable to abuse and negligence, don’t deal with the heart-wrenching impact alone. Our nursing home abuse lawyers and neglect lawyers are experienced in identifying and understanding how nursing home abuse and neglect takes place. After that, they’ll explain what you need to know and how you can act on behalf of your loved one to ensure their total protection.



What Are The Common Forms of Nursing Home Abuse?

In most instances, long-term care problems arise because of the lack of properly trained staff. Most facilities pay minimal wages and operate on shoestring budgets. Unfortunately this leads to very serious problems for residents. Residents cannot be deprived of their right to a dignified existence while residing in the nursing home or long-term care facility. Elderly family members are entitled to an excellent quality of life in their latter years. Long-term care facilities have been entrusted to provide that dignity.




This is a very dangerous viral infection. Most long-term care facilities in Ontario were not properly prepared for a viral or bacterial outbreak. Most did not have enough basic protective equipment for staff let alone residents. Furthermore, facilities and their staff were not properly versed in safety protocols. Viral and bacterial outbreaks are a common risk at any healthcare facility at any time. Being prepared is a must.

Click here to learn more about the Canadian Armed Forces’ report detailing the desperate living conditions of five Ontario long-term care homes amid COVID-19.



Bed Sores

Leaving someone in bed or sitting in a chair for too long can result in “pressure sores”. It is an area of the skin that has been compressed for too long. If the skin is not properly inspected or checked for redness, it can result in a sore. Once the sore appears on a resident’s skin, it must be dealt with very aggressively. If not, an infection can set in and lead to very complicated treatments, the possible need for surgery and even death. The easiest way to deal with a sore is not to have one in the first place. Facilities always need to ensure residents are mobile.



Nutrition and Hydration

When understaffed, facilities usually rush breakfast, lunch or dinner. Every resident should expect to have proper food and drink. In cases of infirmity, the facility needs to help each resident with their nutritional intake. Weight loss and dehydration are very serious health issues for the elderly.




Falls happen all too often in nursing homes. The frail condition of nursing home residents can lead to them falling from beds or falling when walking down hallways. Falls can lead to serious injuries that diminish a resident’s quality of life. Hip fractures are all too common amongst the elderly. They lead to complications in care and long bouts of rehabilitation. Therefore facilities need to perform safety assessments to determine the risk of falling. Elsewhere, they should proactively take steps to make sure they do not happen.



Other Forms

Other common problems are wandering, choking while eating or drinking and, urinary tract infections. The latter can be a cause of contaminated catheters, or poor hygiene when dealing with adult diapers. Fecal and urine odours are a sign of improper hygienic practices and can lead to serious infections.


How To Report Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse

When you put a loved one in the care of another, it can be devastating to discover they aren’t being looked after properly. If you suspect a loved one has been living with the impact of elder abuse or nursing home injuries, our Toronto nursing home abuse lawyers can help.

Nursing home abuse often goes unreported due to difficulties in spotting it. Moreover, communication struggles complicate matters further. While signs aren’t always obvious, it’s important to stay vigilant over tell-tale signs. To report nursing home abuse in Ontario, you can contact the Director at the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (1-866-434-0144) or the Registrar of the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority (1-855-275-7472). After that, these individuals must contact the police over abuse that constitutes a crime.

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