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Unfortunately, you never know when you might need a car accident lawyer. Car crashes (motor vehicle accidents) are one of the most common causes of injuries and deaths in North America. They can seriously alter the lives of victims, sometimes forever. Car accidents can cause serious personal injuries, physical disablement, mental trauma, and other types of injuries and losses.

De Rose Lawyers are here to help. When you need a car accident lawyer in the GTA, our team specifically deals with serious and catastrophic accidents. With over 40 years of combined experience, we have continuously helped accident victims deal with their car insurance companies, statutory accident benefits, and personal injury claims. Our goal is to reach a fair settlement for the compensation you deserve.

Do I Have A Car Accident Claim?

A serious car accident can happen to anyone, leading to catastrophic injuries, debilitating injuries, brain injury, severe orthopedic injuries, chronic pain, and death. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a car accident, there are a myriad of questions that you’ll want to know the answers to:

  • Do I have a claim against an ‘at fault’ driver?
  • Am I eligible for Statutory Accident Benefits?
  • How do I deal with the insurance companies?
  • How do I access and pay for the medical and rehabilitation care I am going to need?

Thankfully, these are all questions that a car accident lawyer can help you with. Contact De Rose Lawyers today for a consultation.


Injured In A Car Accident? You’re Entitled To Accident Benefits.

Firstly, if you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, you’re entitled to receive statutory accident benefits. This is regardless of fault. In Ontario, anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident, is entitled to receive statutory benefits. These benefits will help you pay for medical expenses over and above OHIP, rehabilitation expenses, and income replacement benefits.

To sum up, if you are a catastrophic claimant, these benefits are enhanced. They will also include housekeeping, home maintenance, and attendant care.


Car Accident FAQs

What Can A Car Accident Lawyer Do?

Firstly, a car accident lawyer will help you make sense of the overwhelming insurance claims process. Handling this on your own is confusing, time-consuming and stressful. Ideally, you should be prioritizing rest and recovery following a serious car accident. When you work with De Rose Lawyers, get the added peace of mind that we are fighting for your rights on your behalf. Insurance companies are notoriously difficult to deal with. Therefore, it’s recommended that you let a highly experienced car accident lawyer handle the complications of your insurance claim while you focus on getting better.


Typically, How Long Does A Car Accident Settlement Take?

Wondering how long does a car accident settlement take? To sum up, every car accident and personal injury claim is as unique as the individuals involved. Therefore, it’s difficult to provide a realistic timeline for your case right off the bat. To give you some idea however, the majority of personal injury claims take approximately 1.5 to 2.5 years to reach an agreeable settlement or verdict in court. As a general rule of thumb, the more catastrophic and complex the injury, the longer the litigation process is in general. This is another reason why hiring an experienced car accident lawyer like De Rose, is your best route forward.


Do I Always Need To Submit A Car Accident Report To The Police?

After you’ve just been involved in a car accident, filing a car accident report to the police probably isn’t the first thing that runs through your mind. You’re likely shaken up and thinking about phoning family and friends to inform them about your ordeal. However, it’s important not to take your eye of the ball before you depart the accident scene.

If vehicle damage exceeds $2,000 or more, between both vehicles combined, Ontario law dictates that you need to file a police accident report. Additionally, there are other circumstances whereby you need to submit a car accident report. These include situations where someone is injured, where an accident involves a government vehicle, where an individual is driving without car insurance, and where an individual is driving under the influence. Lastly, you should also submit a car accident report in cases where the accident involves a pedestrian and where damage is caused to either municipal or private property.


What Are The Typical Car Accident Settlement Amounts?

Wondering what are the typical car accident settlement amounts? Again, this is a difficult question to answer without knowing the specifics relating to your individual car accident. Ultimately, settlement amounts will mostly be based on the seriousness of the injury. Secondly, the amount of available insurance coverage is another big factor that determines how much your case will settle for. Hiring a car accident lawyer ensures you have someone researching all of the insurance coverage options available to you. To give you a better idea of De Rose Lawyers’ track record, view our success stories here


Why Should I Hire A Car Accident Lawyer?

The path to compensation can be long and complex. Firstly, a lawsuit must be brought in Ontario within two years of the date of the accident. The statutory accident benefit insurer is to be notified within 7 days of the date of the accident. Limitation dates are exceptionally complicated. If not met, you can be precluded from either contract or Tort compensation.

In addition, the legal process is exceptionally complicated. Therefore, it’s important that your lawyer has the experience and the financial resources to make sure that you and your family’s legal rights and remedies are protected.

Our personal injury team at De Rose Lawyers will help you navigate the legal process in order to make sure your rights and remedies are protected.

Why Choose De Rose Personal Injury Lawyers?

With 40 years of combined experience, De Rose Lawyers will guide you through the complex legal, medical, and insurance issues, allowing you to focus on your rehabilitation and recovery.

We’ll help you navigate the legal process to make sure you are fairly compensated.

Get The Compensation, Care and Support You Deserve

Above all, a financial settlement cannot fully compensate for the pain and loss you have suffered. However, we’ll fight for the compensation you deserve. Therefore, so you can focus on your recovery and rehabilitation.

Looking For A Car Accident Lawyer?

If you or a loved one is struggling with the aftermath of an auto collision, contact De Rose Lawyers to schedule a consultation with a member of our experienced personal injury team. Our experienced team fights for the compensation and care you deserve.


    We don’t charge any fees until your case is won or settled

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