Recreational Vehicle Accidents

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Need A Recreational Vehicle Or ATV Accident Lawyer?

Seriously Injured While Driving A Recreational Vehicle?

You need an ATV accident lawyer when serious recreational vehicle accidents occur. Recreational vehicles include all-terrain vehicles, pocket motorcycles, snowmobiles, and other automobiles as included in the Ontario Insurance Act. Most, if not all, are to be insured as one would insure their car. The Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act obligates owners of most of these recreational vehicles to have a car insurance policy.

Whether it’s in the summer or winter, people ride and drive these recreational vehicles and sometimes get into an accident. When an accident is the fault of another person, you deserve to be compensated. In addition, you might be eligible to receive Statutory Accidents Benefits. Recreational vehicle accidents can be very complicated. Most happen on private property. It is very important to speak to an ATV accident lawyer as soon as possible. This way, you can discuss the accident and its consequences.

By hiring an ATV accident lawyer at De Rose, we’ll fight for your case with compassion and dedication.

ATV Accidents

The all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is a popular summer activity for thrill-seekers, but it’s also an extremely risky adventure. As riders are openly exposed to their surroundings, ATV accidents can be as deadly as a regular motor vehicle collision. Damage to the brain, bones, spinal cord, concussions, and even death are only some of the serious injuries that may occur in ATV collisions.

After suffering from unexpected injuries, the path to justice can be confusing and overwhelming. If you or a loved one is the victim of an ATV collision, De Rose Lawyers is here to guide you through the ordeal.

Snowmobile Accidents

While snowmobiling is a popular pastime among Ontarians, snowmobile accidents are all too common. Some snowmobilers drink and drive, and drivers and passengers have very little protection should they run into rocks, trees, or ice lifts. Due to the high speeds associated with snowmobiling, drivers and passengers can suffer serious personal injuries to the brain, spinal cord and severe broken bones. These are some of the outcomes of snowmobile accidents.

After suffering such a traumatic event, proceeding blindly through the overwhelming legal process is the last thing an accident victim needs. If you’ve been injured in a snowmobile accident, De Rose lawyers will guide you through both the Tort and insurance contract process. We will ensure that you are treated fairly and receive the compensation you deserve.

Recreational Vehicle Accident FAQs

What Is A Recreational Vehicle?

In the traditional sense, a recreational vehicle, often abbreviated as RV, is a motorized vehicle that combines both transportation and temporary living quarters for travel, recreation and camping. In the broader sense, a recreational vehicle is also any vehicle that someone rides regularly for enjoyment purposes. For instance, an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), a pocket motorcycle, a snowmobile or any other recreational vehicle included in the Ontario Insurance Act.

What Are The Most Common RV Accidents?

The most common RV accidents include speeding, driving on paved roads, riding with two passengers, and accidents with children.

ATVs and snowmobiles can reach very high speeds. Unfortunately some riders don’t pay attention to safe posted limits. Considering these recreational vehicles are designed to traverse rugged terrain, collisions in uneven rural areas can cause especially serious injuries. Secondly, vehicles like these shouldn’t usually be driven on paved roads. When this is ignored, reckless or impaired ATVing or snowmobiling can cause vehicle rollover.

Elsewhere, recreational vehicles have long been associated with bravado. Not always designed to carry two passengers, some recreational vehicles can flip over putting the driver and passenger in immediate danger. Lastly, you might be surprised to learn that RV accidents often involve children too. In Ontario, snowmobile drivers must be at least 12-years-old. However, where minors are granted illegitimate access to recreational vehicles, their muscles and motor skills aren’t fully developed to handle both the vehicle and the effects of a collision.

What Causes RV Accidents?

As discussed above, recreational vehicle accidents are usually the result of many factors. These include collisions with other vehicles, distracted or impaired driving, hill climbing, reckless speeding, and vehicle rollover.

Are RVs Safe In A Crash?

So, are RVs safe in crash? In short, recreational vehicle accidents often carry deadlier consequences in comparison to your standard car accident. Why? Because riders of vehicles like ATVs, pocket motorcycles and snowmobiles are openly exposed rather than riding in the cab of a motor vehicle equipped with a roll cage.

Where reckless or impaired recreational vehicle use takes place, recreational vehicle accident injuries can include amputation, bone and ligament injuries, concussions, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and even death. Despite recreational vehicles being designed with safety features in mind, some riders still abuse their privilege of enjoying open trails. Unfortunately, when a recreational vehicle is in the wrong hands, there’s always the potential for a recreational vehicle accident to take place.

Why Should I Hire A Recreational Vehicle Or ATV Accident Lawyer?

In the case of recreational vehicle accidents, questions of liability will often arise. Therefore, it is important to speak to a lawyer about the circumstances of your accident as soon as possible.

Navigating the legal system can be intimidating and complex. However, with De Rose Lawyers by your side, you can be sure our expert team will help you receive the compassionate support, maximum benefits, and full compensation that you deserve.

Why Choose De Rose Personal Injury Lawyers?

De Rose Lawyers will guide you through the complex legal, medical and insurance related issues. We’ll alleviate stress, and only involve you when necessary so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

As highly dedicated personal injury lawyers with 40 years of combined experience, De Rose Lawyers will work with you to educate you on the details of your case and fight for the compensation you deserve to restore stability in your life.

Looking For A Recreational Vehicle Or ATV Accident Lawyer?

If you or a loved one has been involved in an automotive accident, including but not limited to ATVing or snowmobiling, De Rose Lawyers is here to guide you through this difficult time.

Contact De Rose Lawyers to schedule a consultation with a member of our experienced personal injury team. We will be there with you, and for you, every step of the way.


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