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Need A Toronto Will Lawyer Or Power Of Attorney Guidance?

Wills, powers of attorney and estate planning may seem difficult and complicated but it doesn’t have to be this way. At De Rose Lawyers, our wills and power of attorney lawyers provide the complete guidance you need. Therefore, you can establish your wishes regarding the division of property upon your death in the most straightforward manner possible.

Whether you’re just married or embarking on retirement, writing or rewriting your will is a job best left to our team of professional lawyers. In 2018, The Angus Reid Institute found that 51% of Canadians did not have a will in place. Only 35% admitted to keeping their will up-to date. This means half of Canadians will have no say in what happens to their assets after they die. By choosing De Rose Lawyers, you can feel confident your wishes will be fulfilled after your death.

Experienced And Dependable Guidance For Drafting Wills

When a person dies without a valid will, Ontario’s Succession Law Reform Act dictates how the estate will be divided up. This process is called, “intestate succession”. Most people want to distribute their properties differently to how the state would. By choosing De Rose Lawyers, we can help you draft a will that ensures your possessions, financial or not, go to the people and organizations of your choice.

Probate A Will With De Rose Lawyers

Probate occurs after someone passes away. It describes the formal process of a court accepting a will. Alternatively, if the deceased did not have a will, it enables an executor the authority to act on behalf of the deceased. You may need to probate a will when court approval is required to validate the will, or when the choice of executor is disputed.

Elsewhere, probate is pursued where proof of an executor’s authority is required for third parties, like banks. By choosing De Rose Lawyers, we can help you handle the probate process one step at a time.

Powers of Attorney: Introducing The Two Types

A power of attorney (POA) is a legal document in which you give someone called an attorney the right to make important decisions for you. There are two types – a power of attorney for personal care, and a continuing power of attorney for property.

A power of attorney for personal care: This gives your attorney authority over your personal care such as health, security, and hygiene. It also gives you a chance to determine the kind of care you may or may not want. This only takes effect when you become mentally incapable of making decisions for yourself.

A continuing power of attorney for property: This gives your attorney authority over all or some of your finances and property except the authority to make a will on your behalf. It allows for the management of your finances and property on your behalf while you are still mentally capable of managing your own affairs, but also lets your attorney continue acting for you if you become mentally incapable of managing your finances and property. It can be “specific” or “limited”, giving authority to your attorney for a limited task like selling a house or giving them authority for a specific period of time. A continuing power of attorney for property takes effect as soon as you sign it. In some cases, it is possible to have the power of attorney come into effect only when you become mentally incapable. This must be specified in the document and in advance.

Why Should I Hire A Toronto Will Lawyer?

Deciding what happens after your death and choosing the right person to act on your behalf are very important decisions. Things needing a great deal of thought and consideration, De Rose Lawyers can help tailor wills and powers of attorney to your specific individual needs.

Why Choose De Rose Personal Injury Lawyers?

There are many formalities for making a valid will. Therefore, consulting a lawyer is your best course of action. At De Rose Lawyers, we will help you draft your will so that it complies with Ontario laws. Additionally, it will provide the best tax advantages for your estate and heirs. No matter your age or income, a will is extremely important and should be updated throughout your lifetime.

Looking For A Wills And Power of Attorney Specialist?

If you need assistance with wills, powers of attorney and estate planning, contact De Rose Lawyers. Our experienced team will work with you to draft the documents that best suit your individual wishes.


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