Have a slip and fall injury? How a lawyer can help.

Slip and fall injuries in Ontario are best addressed by personal injury lawyers

As Fall begins, darker evenings, fallen leaves and colder weather can bring about serious slip and fall injuries. Slippery surfaces from leaves, Halloween decorations, and exposed wires can be major Fall tripping hazards that can result in a serious personal injury. These injuries can have life-long consequences that can harm your quality of life and ability to work.

Should you experience a slip and fall injury, a personal injury lawyer can help you move forward by litigating your case. Personal injuries are complicated matters and Ontarians should know that there are new, stricter deadlines for filing a claim. The process itself is incredibly complicated to navigate without proper legal counsel, and injured individuals are encouraged to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as they experience an injury.

Here is what you need to know about a slip and fall personal injury case along with tips for collecting the right information at the scene of the injury.

What are the timelines for filing a claim in the event of a slip and fall injury in Ontario?

Should you experience a slip and fall injury as a result of snow or ice on private property, you must give written notice within 60 days. Ontario’s Occupiers’ Liability Act outlines that property owners or managers can be held liable for personal injuries experienced on their property, should they be proven to be negligent.

If you are injured on public or city property, the injured party must file a claim within 10 days of the injury. The laws continue to evolve and the written notice period has ben shortened recently.

There are some exceptions to these timelines, but simply not knowing the law does not constitute a reasonable excuse for not filing within the designated time period.

Should an injured party be unable to properly file a claim due to hospitalization from the injury, this can be deemed as a “reasonable excuse,” allowing for claims to be processed outside the ten-day time period.

What information should be collected at the scene of a slip and fall injury?

An injured party is advised to collect as much information as possible at the scene of the accident, should they be able to. It can be difficult to obtain such information in the moment when an injury occurs, and injured parties are encouraged to connect with personal injury lawyers to work on their behalf.

The following information could be valuable in ensuring a successful personal injury claim in Ontario:

  • Document and take photos of the scene where the slip and fall occurred including any slip and fall hazards that were at the scene as well as street signs and any other important landmarks.
  • If there are witnesses to your personal injury, ask for their contact information and a short explanation of what they witnessed.
  • Report the accident to the homeowner, manager, or landlord as soon as possible. Should you be unable to report the incident because of your injury, lean on personal injury lawyers to expedite the process and work on your behalf. Personal injury cases often require careful timing, and there is a long and detailed legal process that must be completed as quickly as possible.
  • Visit a doctor or hospital and request documentation of your visit. Make sure you have a full understanding of the severity of your injuries and have a complete and proper diagnosis. Document every one of your visits with a healthcare professional and keep detailed notes about the time and money spent addressing your injury.
  • Take notes of the events following your personal injury including hospital visits and any other services you required. Should you be unable to work due to your injury, request formal documentation from your employer and keep it in a safe space.
  • Do not hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer to help you begin the claims process. Personal injury lawyers can help fight for what is rightfully yours and ensure that you have the proper quality of life after a serious injury.

Slip and fall injuries handled by De Rose Lawyers

De Rose Lawyers is experienced in handling the complicated nature of slip and fall cases in Ontario. You are not alone during these challenging times, and the professionals at De Rose Lawyers can help injured parties receive the compensation they deserve while helping to ensure that all timelines are properly met during a claim.

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