Involved In A Car Accident? Know Your Rights!

Car Accidents At A Glance

As one of the most common causes of injuries and deaths in North America, motor vehicle accidents and car crashes can seriously alter the lives of victims and their families. Despite Ontario’s safety laws and regulations designed to protect drivers, motor vehicle accidents are all too common and can cause serious personal injuries, physical disablement, mental trauma, loss of property, loss of income, and even death.

Whether you’ve been the victim of an automobile accident due to distracted driving, impaired driving, or drunk driving, De Rose Lawyers are here to help you with insurance disputes, car accident claims, and reaching a fair settlement for the compensation you deserve.

What To Do After A Car Accident

1. Stop

Never drive away from the scene of an accident, even a minor one. Doing so may result in criminal prosecution.

2. Stay Safe

Vehicles involved in a serious collision should remain where they are, unless they interfere with traffic. If you’re able to do so, move your vehicle to the side of the road and turn your four-way signal on.

3. Call 9-1-1

If you or others are seriously injured and require medical assistance, call 9-1-1. Even if there are no serious injuries, you will need to file a police report in order to file a claim with your insurance company. When doing so, do not speculate, guess or misstate any facts. If you’re asked if you are injured and you’re not sure, say so rather than “no.” Oftentimes, pain and injuries from motor vehicle accidents only become apparent hours after the collision.

4. Record Everything

Take photos of any visible damage to the vehicles involved and of the accident scene in general. Record the name, address, and contact information of all people involved in the accident, as well as any witnesses. Be sure to also write down the license plate and insurance information (company and policy number) of those involved. Keep a file of all this information and any medical records and bills for treatment related to the accident.

5. Contact Insurance

Notify your insurance company of the accident as soon as possible. Many policies require you to report incidents immediately. In fact, failing to do so may decrease your eligibility for Accident Benefits.

Injured In A Car Accident? You Are Entitled To Accident Benefits.

Did you know that if you’re injured in a car accident, you have the right to compensation for your losses, regardless of where the fault lies? In Ontario, all victims of auto accidents are eligible to receive Statutory Accident Benefits. These benefits help pay for the expenses not covered by healthcare in order to treat you, replace your income, and more.

Why Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

In the case of car accidents, questions of liability often arise. Plus, navigating the legal system and dealing with insurance companies can be intimidating and complex. However, an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer will ease the burden by educating you on your options, helping you understand your rights, and fighting for the maximum benefits you deserve. Plus, a good personal injury lawyer will also offer local resources to support your rehabilitation.If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, contact De Rose Lawyers today for a free consultation. We will guide you through the complex legal, medical and insurance related issues to help alleviate stress, and only involve you when necessary so you can focus on recovering from your car accident injuries.