How Safe Is It to Motorcycle in Ontario?

Motorcycling in Ontario Comes with Many Different Risks – Help Keep Roads Safe This Season

Summer is finally here in Ontario and warmer weather means embracing the outdoors with Sunday drives and small road trips to various parks across the province. Many Ontarians are currently considering buying a new motorcycle to get around town or are revisiting the hobby for the first time in quite a while. Motorcycling is a great way to get outdoors and embrace the warm weather, all while staying safe and socially distanced from large crowds and gatherings.

Truthfully, however, the last few months have seen several motorcycle accidents across Ontario that have endangered riders and put other drivers at risk of serious injury or death. These unfortunate accidents serve as a sobering reminder of just how frequent and devastating motorcycle accidents can be. Riders in Ontario should use extra caution while taking their motorcycle out on the road this summer season.

Do your part to keep roads safe and ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer riding season.

Riding A Motorcycle in Ontario: Serious String of Collisions Seen in Just One Short Week

Ontario, unfortunately, experienced a string of tragic motorcycle accidents as soon as warm weather landed across the province. In fact, in just one week the province saw four different motorcycle accidents that resulted in tragic losses of life.

In June a motorcycle accident on Toronto’s Don Valley Parkway resulted in the death of a woman, along with serious injuries to two other men. High speeds were to blame for this accident as police reported that several motorcycles were traveling at high speeds on this busy Toronto highway. Another collision occurred in Winchester on County Road 31 and County Road 43 where a motorcyclist was killed when he was struck by an SUV.

North Bay also saw another crash that killed a motorcycle driver when he collided with a moose. Meanwhile the small town of Cobourg saw another motorcycle driver die in a country road accident that occurred on Harwood Road, near Pollock and Daignault, just 10 kilometres north of Cobourg.

These four accidents occurred in just one week and serve as a reminder of the importance of motorcycle safety measures for this summer’s riding season in Ontario.

Riding A Motorcycle in Ontario: Safety Tips for Both Seasoned and Experienced Motorcycle Riders

Consider these motorcycle safety tips that both beginners and seasoned riders can use to help keep roads safer while protecting both themselves and other drivers on the road.

  • Slow down and abide by all rules of the road. It is true that speed kills as high-speed collisions significantly increase the risk of death and serious injury. Commit to obeying all traffic laws and do your part to keep roads in Ontario as safe as possible. Reckless driving, tricks, street racing, stunts, and other illegal activities are highly dangerous and not worth the risk of changing your life, or the lives of others that you share the road with.
  • Wear bright colours and use reflective tape as it is common for motorcycle riders to get lost in the blind spots of other cars. Driving a motorcycle at night is particularly dangerous, and reflective tape and stickers can help motorcycle riders stick out and be more visible to other drivers on the road.
  • Know your limitations as it can be tempting to show off when driving with other motorcyclists. Driving as a group comes with its own set of rules along with some extra skill and experience. Should you feel peer-pressured to ride as a group or drive faster than necessary? If you’re looking to partake in a group ride, there are plenty of motorcycle driving classes you can take to learn more and better your experience in a safe manner.
  • Set a good example and promote a motorcycle culture of safety with other riders. The risk of serious injury from a motorcycle accident is extremely high and could change your life forever. Set a good example for your peers and reaffirm your commitment to safe driving. The consequences of a motorcycle collision are extremely serious.

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