Understanding The Roles And Responsibilities Of A Community Rehabilitation Team

A community rehabilitation team can help set injured parties on a path to recovery

April is host to the World Health Organization’s “World Health Day,” shining a light on the importance of physical and mental health across the world. The yearly celebration has been in existence since 1948 and highlights the importance of a global approach to health and wellness for humankind. Now is a good time to cast the spotlight on community rehabilitation teams and what role they play in getting De Rose Lawyers’ clients back on their feet following serious personal injuries.

Community rehabilitation teams and their role in lifelong recovery from personal injury

Traumatic personal injuries can have life-changing consequences. Amputations, head injuries, or catastrophic spinal cord injuries can present not just physical challenges, but long-term mental health challenges. These injuries can not only impact your well-being but your family’s well-being as well. The results of personal injury are life-changing, and the aftermath of such injuries can be extremely challenging for your spouse, children, and friends.

Those who experience such injuries could have an extremely long road of both physical and mental therapy ahead of them, which can be both time consuming and expensive. Community rehabilitation teams are dedicated to ensuring that the injured party receives the absolute best care following a serious personal injury.

Community rehabilitation teams: the roles of professionals

The road to a complete recovery can be long and hard, often requiring collaboration among multiple professionals. Many dedicated professionals work tirelessly to ensure that an injured party can navigate life appropriately after a serious and life-changing injury.

  • Case Managers – A community rehabilitation case manager is tasked with overseeing an individual’s recovery or adjustment to traumatic injury. Their goal is to help a patient adapt to their newfound limitations while helping them move on to a state of independence. There are many complications that can stem from a debilitating injury, and individuals will need assistance with addressing financial decisions, transitioning to a new home, or coordinating with the patient’s legal team.
  • Social Workers – Experienced social workers can help people who are victims of a traumatic injury access social services, specialized housing, or help in the search for new employment. These professionals can address many of the new needs of life and help an injured party move on from the injury and achieve a state of independence. Social workers can also actively address the ongoing mental health challenges that come along with personal injury for the injured party and their family.
  • Occupational Therapists – These professionals can work alongside injured or recovering parties to restore their ability to complete everyday functions. This could include ongoing physical therapy to promote increased mobility or to help teach injured parties to adapt to permanent injury or dismemberment. Proper recovery from serious injuries could take hundreds of hours of physical therapy. These therapists play an integral role in the long journey to recovery for many patients. 

Community rehabilitation teams: related personal injuries

There are several types of personal injuries that require the experience and expertise of a community rehabilitation team. These include, but are not limited to:

Community rehabilitation teams can pave the long road to recovery

Recovery from a personal injury can be incredibly difficult without the assistance of an experienced community rehabilitation team. Traumatic injuries come with life-changing consequences that can impact you and your family for the rest of your life. Working alongside these professionals can ease the burdens of personal injury and put you back on the path towards living a healthy and fulfilling life.

Community rehabilitation teams and personal injury representation provided by De Rose Law

De Rose offers well over 40 years of combined experience in personal injury claims. Our firm is proud to work alongside an extensive network of trusted community rehabilitation professionals that can help injured parties reclaim their lives and assist with any of the complications that stem from traumatic injury.

De Rose Lawyers will fight for an injured victim’s rights in court and collaborate with highly experienced community rehabilitation teams to assist with your recovery and get you the compensation you deserve. Personal injury is a highly complicated matter and requires the careful precision of De Rose Lawyers. With De Rose Lawyers on your side, you won’t be alone during these difficult times.

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