What are CPP Disability Benefits and how does qualification work?

Serious personal injuries often result in long-term mental or physical impairments. These impairments stop individuals from working and earning money, taking care of their loved ones, and ultimately living a good quality of life. If you’ve been injured resulting in a permanent and serious impairment, you may be eligible to apply for CPP Disability Benefits. Monthly payments from the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), these payments provide a critical income that you might not be able to live without.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the types of CPP disability benefits that are available in Canada, as well as identifying the eligibility criteria involved. Elsewhere, we’ll establish who else can receive a monthly payment, as well as informing you about the timeframes in which decisions are reached. It’s also important to note that recent changes have been made to CPP Disability Benefits as a result of COVID-19 too. We discuss it all below.

What types of CPP Disability Benefits are available?

Canadian citizens that meet the qualifying criteria are eligible for two types of CPP Disability Benefits:

  • CPP Disability Benefit
  • CPP Post-Retirement Disability Benefit

Canadians under the age of 65 can apply for the CPP Disability Benefit if you’re not receiving your CPP retirement pension. Meanwhile, the CPP Post-Retirement Disability Benefit is available to Canadians between the ages of 60 to 65.

Eligibility criteria for CPP Disability Benefits

Ultimately, CPP Disability Benefits comprise monthly payments that Canadian citizens can get if they:

  • Have made enough contributions into the CPP
  • Are under 65
  • Have a mental or physical disability that  stops them from doing any type of substantially gainful work
  • Have a disability that is long-term and of indefinite duration, or is likely to result in death

The CPP Disability Benefit is also available to Canadians who are already receiving the CPP retirement pension for more than 15 months; or, those who’ve become disabled after starting to receive the retirement pension. When you turn 65, your CPP Disability Benefit is automatically changed to a CPP retirement pension.

The CPP Children’s Benefit covers your child under 18, or young persons between the ages of 18 and 25, and in full-time attendance at a recognized school or university. If you are getting a disability benefit, your dependent children may be able to get a monthly payment.

The timeframe for a CPP Disability Benefit application

Typically, a CPP Disability Benefit application can take up to four months before a decision is reached. The date your application form is received may affect the date your benefit begins. It’s important to note that a decision on your application can only be made when you have sent a complete application. This includes a questionnaire, a signed consent form, and a medical report signed within 12 months.

In some cases, say for eligible disabilities, the Government could make a decision on eligibility within 120 calendar days. Those in grave condition can have their payment processed within 30 days while those who are terminally ill can have their payment processed in just five business days.

According to Canada.ca, the basic disability benefit payment is $558.74. The basic amount is topped up based on how much you paid into the Canada Pension Plan while you worked.

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